Apr 22

A bit of this, a bit of that

This is a little bit less about the fashion, but as I think it’s interesting in Osaka how there can be a mix of the strong western commercialisation with the preservation of traditional Japanese culture and aesthetic.

Apr 17

Samurai Inspired

There’s something about this that just reminds me of traditional Japanese wear. The pants are samurai inspired, and his shoes resemble Japanese wooden footwear. 

Winter Wrapping

When it’s cold a lot of people wrap up and end up with one big puffy jacket dominating their whole look. The plainness of this person’s long skirt complements the strong textures and colours of her top really well, and she looks really warm!

A Touch of Style

When it’s cold, it’s very tempting to do what everyone else does and run for a big black overcoat, a beanie, and some gloves. I’m always interested in people who prefer to experiment with a bit of layering, and I especially like it if they do something different. This bowler hat and cardigan combination works well to add something interesting here

osaka fashion

Two-tone Love

One of the things I love about fashion in Osaka is it’s not all about gaudy colours and loud self-expression. There is that, but there are also those who manage to bring style and simplicity

Sweet Tooth

Just posting something different for a bit of fun. Seeing this made me hungry. On a side note, I think it’s actually kinda awesome in a funky sort of way.

Soft Punk

Stylish Mess

I’m starting to see berets come back into fashion here. I love how it works really well in this multi-layered mess. It’s always good seeing people experiment and do something different in the way they dress.

osaka street photography

Earthy Colours Part 2

I love layering, and I don’t see enough green done well on men. This look works really well for me though. It’s kind of messy, with layers hanging out every where and lots of different textures, but I think it all makes him look more manly.

japan street fashion

Earthy Colours

Earth colours seem to be in fashion in Osaka this year. There’s a lot of khaki, browns, and reds.

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